Safe Boating

Marinas and boatyards can be dangerous. We do everything we can to keep you safe, but please follow our recommendations.

Using Marina Electricity

All cables and plugs must be made for the marine environment and be undamaged. The wiring on your boat and onboard electricity systems must comply with appropriate standards.

If you have any problems with connecting to the electricity supply, ask the marina team for help.

On arrival

  • Switch everything onboard off and check that all sockets and plugs are clean and dry.
  • First connect the cable to the boat, then to the marina socket.

Before departure

  • Switch everything onboard off and switch off the supply.
  • First disconnect from the marina socket, then from the boat's socket.


  • Never connect more than one supply to a boat and never connect one boat to another.
  • Never attempt to repair or alter connecting cables, plugs or marina infrastructure.
  • Never use worn or damaged cables, plugs or sockets.
A life ring bollard beside the electricity plug-in point on the pontoon at Haslar Marina


Call 999 for FIRE, AMBULANCE, POLICE or the COASTGUARD. Then call the marina on VHF Ch 80 or by phone so the marina staff can help.

In case of fire, raise the alarm as widely as possible and evacuate by the closest exit.

Man overboard

Call for help, then try to assist the casualty without putting yourself in danger. There are life rings and ladders on all the walkways and marina staff have access to more lifesaving equipment. Use a ladder on the back of a nearby boat if necessary.

East Cowes Marina staff practice rescuing a 'man overboard'
East Cowes Marina staff practice rescuing a 'man overboard'

Around the marina

Everything is more dangerous if you are intoxicated. Have fun, but stay safe.

Watch your step

Pontoons can be slippery when wet or frosty. Take extra care at night.

Marinas and boatyards are full of trip hazards. Please don't leave anything blocking the walkways.


Never carry a person or pet in a marina trolley. If you have a very heavy load, ask the marina team for a loan of their muscles or the marina golf cart.

Pets (and children)

Please keep them under close control and clear up after them. The marina team can suggest local places for kids and pooches to let off steam.

No swimming

Swimming, snorkeling and diving is not allowed. The marina office can supply details of commercial divers if you need your hull cleaned or a propeller cleared.

No fishing

To keep wildlife safe and berth holders happy, we don't allow fishing anywhere within the marina.

A boy and his father row away from the pontoon in a dinghy at East Cowes Marina

Boatyard Safety

Please take extra care in our boatyards:

  • Never move chocks or cradle supports
  • Beware of the travel hoist, forklift and boat lifter moving around the dock and yard
  • Watch out for trip hazards and keep pathways clear
  • Be sensible climbing onboard and working on boats in the yard - falling onto tarmac will hurt
  • Keep children and pets under close control
  • Don't tip chemicals or paints down the drains and respect our neighbours

Download our boatyard guidelines and our health and safety guidelines for practical advice for keeping you safe.

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