Important Stuff

Read the 'small print', our policies and guidelines. Call us if you'd prefer to chat things through.

We like to be open and straightforward with all of our customers and marina users, but all businesses have to have some small print and policies.

If you have any questions, please email

Your health and safety

Recommendations and requirements for keeping everyone safe on our sites. Please read, and also look at the Safe Boating pages on the website and in our marina books. If in doubt, ask one of our team for advice.

We ask every berth holder to complete a boat details form and return it to the marina office. This will give us vital information in an emergency such as a fire, fuel spillage or sinking.

Accommodation onboard boats

To keep all of our berth holders and marina users happy and safe, we allow overnight rental accommodation on boats under limited conditions only. See our full Terms & Conditions for details.

Thank you from us

We'd like to say 'thank you' to our photographers, and to the subjects of their pictures.

Plus our own in-house snappers Mike Townshend, Ben Lippiett and Rachel Hibberd.

If you've got a picture you'd like to share, you can post it on the marina Facebook page, or email to us.

Our artist and illustrator is Rachel Ackerman, and our website was designed by Nixon Design

For contractors and anyone working on boats

Information for anyone working in our marinas or boat yards on boats other than their own, whether or not for payment. To keep all of our customers and staff safe, we require all contractors to sign-in with the marina office before starting work. All contractors should have a signed contractor permit and have provided a copy of their insurance certificates to the marina office.

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