Sam Gooch windsurfing at Weymouth Speed Week
13 Oct2018

Weymouth Speed Week

Watch the fastest craft speed across Portland Harbour

Weymouth Speed Week is the oldest and longest-running speed sailing event in the world. Held annually since 1972, it has challenged sailors of a wide variety of wind-powered craft to sail as fast as they can over a distance of 500m.

Weymouth Speed Week is a unique event; there are NO restrictions as to who may enter and all types of sailing craft are welcome. If it's wind-powered, it is eligible.

The lack of rules in the early years provided the ideal proving ground for both experts and dreamers to build the type of boats which, but for Weymouth Speed Week, would never otherwise see the light of day. Many early boat and board designs have since been refined and some of today's fastest craft owe their origins to the people that designed craft for and/or competed in the event.

In recent years World Champion and Record holding professionals have sailed on the same course as novices and juniors. 

Watch the action from your boat in Portland Harbour, or watch from the land between Portland Marina and Ferrybridge.

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