20 Jul2019

The ‘Ragged Victorians – ‘The Great Unwashed,’ An Award Winning Living History group

20-21 July 2019

The 'Ragged Victorians – ‘The Great Unwashed,' an award winning living history group, will be visiting the Nothe Fort, where they will be ‘surviving’ in the tunnels and cellars underground, and other areas of the fort, re-enacting the lives of lower classes of Victorian England, c1851. 
The "Ragged Victorians" introduce a variety of characters from the day when a shilling was a week’s wage, when even 'Pure' (Dogs Dung) was a valuable source of income. Low class Victorians were living by whatever means they could. With no homes, no income and no benefit system for support, an honest day’s work could mean labouring in the most degrading jobs in the world, for little or scant reward.
Find out more about the life of Victorians, and experience the ‘Great Unwashed’ community, over this two day period.

The Nothe Fort Victorian Artillery will be in attendance, firing their Victorian Cannons, following their inspection by Queen Victoria and her escort.
The Rifle Brigade of Victorian re-enactors will also be joining us at the fort.
There will be an opportunity to fire a Victorian rifle.

The Victorian schoolroom and kitchen will be open – an opportunity find out about school life and the daily routines of a Victorian housewife.
Through photographs, paintings and artefacts - you can find out what life was life in Weymouth and Portland during the Victorian era.

Whilst you relax in the Fort View café - enjoy some Victorian entertainment in the company of performers from the era, - singers, dancers and musicians.
Try your hand at some Victorian games and activities – Hoopla, coconut shy, roll a penny, and experience typical Victorian punishment in the stocks!

Local artists will be recreating traditional crafts around the parade ground.

Check the Fort website regularly for updates on what is planned for the weekend.

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