08 Oct2016

Fishing Competition

Portland Angling Club fishing competition

Specimen, Species, Numbers and Weight

Depart Portland or Weymouth at 8am, return to Portland Marina by 5.30pm for weighing, judging and prize giving.

Organised by Portland Angling Club, under PAC rules. £5 entry fee.

  • All fish to be bought back (these will not be wasted as they will be recycled back into the fishing industry, i.e. pot bait), except (see rule 5)
  • Portland Angling Club size limits apply (see attached document)
  • Only five of any one species allowed
  • Certain fish can be returned, but at least ONE must be retained (as proof of capture (except (h) where photograph will suffice)), the fish concerned are:
  • a.       Ballan Wrasse    - counts 2lb (per fish including the one bought back – applies to all fish on this list)
  • b.       LSD - counts 1lb 8oz
  • c.       Bullhuss - counts 5lb
  • d.       Smoothounds - counts 5lb
  • e.       Cuckoo Wrasse - counts 12oz
  • f.        Bass - counts 2lb (note: you may only retain one fish – see current EU regulations)
  • g.       Conger - counts 20lb
  • h.       Tope - counts 20lb (ALL fish to be returned as per EU regulations, but a photo to be taken as proof of capture)
  • Any Tope should be measured in total length (tip on nose to tip of tail) – a lookup table will then be used to determine the specimen weight
  • Mackerel count but only ONE (i.e. no need to catch five)
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