Motorboat in the lift dock at Portland Marina
30 May2019

Summer scrubbin’

Go faster and save fuel with a clean hull

Everyone wants to save a bit of time or money, even the most devoted boat owner. A mid-season hull scrub may seem like a luxury for the racing crowd, but its a good idea for all boats, power or sail.

Slime and weed grow faster as the water gets warmer, and your hull makes a lovely habitat. Weed growth, even on antifouled boats, will cause drag that makes the hull less efficient, meaning you have to top-up the fuel tanks more often or plan for longer passage times.

Book a 'racing scrub' for a quick turnaround lift, pressure wash and launch service.

Available at:

  • Portland Marina 01305 866190 - for power and sail boats to 22m
  • Deacons Marina 02380 402253 - for power and sail boats to 13m
  • Haslar Marina 02392 601201 - for power boats to 10m ashore in the yard, or power and sail to 19m on the Sealift.
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