13 Nov2017

Solent Seals Survey

Berth holders' party raises much-needed funds

Seals in the Solent HIWWT
Harbour seal in the surf

Haslar-based survey shows more seals

The secrets of the Solent seal population have been revealed by a new aerial survey by the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, with the support of staff and berth holders at Dean & Reddyhoff’s Haslar Marina.

The survey found that a minimum of 49 harbour seals, including 11 pups and 7 grey seals, are currently resident in the Solent. The areas surveyed were Langstone Harbour, Chichester Harbour, Portsmouth Harbour, Ryde sand banks, Beaulieu and Newtown Creek.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust has been counting the seal population since 1994, when just 3 harbour seals were recorded. The survey takes place each August, when the seals moult and spend more time ashore. Langstone Harbour Board and Chichester Conservancy were closely involved in collecting the data.

Haslar Marina hand chque to HIWWT
Steve Tyas and Rayner Piper

Thank you to all berth holders and supporters who donated

The survey was made possible thanks to fundraising by Haslar Marina berth holders and staff, which paid for the flight and sourced the plane and pilot. In addition, over £1000 was made available to the Trust for further local wildlife and environmental work. Haslar berth holder Steve Tyas piloted the plane for the flights across Chichester Harbour, Langstone Harbour and the Solent.

Every year Dean & Reddyhoff staff and customers raise thousands of pounds for local charities at the ever-popular berth holders’ summer parties and through activities like our Big Green Bike Ride.  

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