Three friends arrive at East Cowes Marina ready to go sailing
19 Feb2019

Recommend a Friend

Recommend a new annual berth holder and you both save up to £500

Got a friend who is a Dean & Reddyhoff annual berth holder, or you're a berth holder and know someone looking for a berth?

Our Recommend a Friend scheme could save both of you up to £500 each off your annual berthing fee.

  • Haslar Marina - £500 each
  • Portland Marina - £250 each
  • Weymouth Marina - £250 each
  • East Cowes Marina - £250 each

We need to know who you and your friend are, so make an introduction to the team at the marina, or send an email or a carrier pigeon. You can have as many friends as you like - the more friends who become berth holders, the bigger the saving!

Both boats must be 9m or longer (power or sail) on an annual contract.

We'll deduct the £250/£500 from your annual berthing invoice, or credit it to the following year's berthing depending upon circumstances.

Recommend a Friend is subject to berth availability and is offered at the Marina Manager's discretion.

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