Dolphin in Portland Marina
11 Apr2019

Portland Marina’s resident dolphin

Dolphin comes to say hello

It's not unusual to see dolphins and porpoises in Weymouth Bay and off Portland Bill, but we've regularly been visited by a solitary dolphin to seems quite happy to come right into the marina. Dave (or Flipper) the Dolphin has been seen hunting for fish between the pontoons and around the boats, and has even performed acrobatics and leaps close to boats at the marina entrance.

Portland Marina-based local diver Ian Taylor has even had the dolphin inspect his work while he's been diving in Portland Harbour.

It is lovely to see the dolphin so close, but we must take precautions to ensure that he (she?) doesn't get injured or stressed. The Sea Watch Foundation say:

  • Don't chase or approach dolphins or other cetaceans
  • Maintain a slow and steady course so they're not confused
  • Don't drive between members of a group
  • Do not swim with, touch or feed them
  • All them an escape route - don't box them in between boats
  • There's more advice on the Sea Watch Foundation website

Please note that under UK law, it is an offence to intentionally kill or injure cetaceans. It is also an offence to disturb cetaceans and basking sharks. To do so intentionally or recklessly may result in a prison sentence.

Portland Marina's Steve Belasco ( has some lovely photos, and Jack Keane managed to grab a quick video while he was on the marina RIB. 

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