30 Jan2017

Manage your electricity at Haslar

Keep on top of your electricity, even from home

Haslar Marina Rolec bollard

Pedestal at the berth

Rolec BerthMaster Online keypad

Master pedestal keypad

BerthMaster Online remote electricity management

Our smart new electricity bollards don't just look nice, they also contain the latest in marina utilities technology. The BerthMaster Online system allows berth holders to manage their electricity completely remotiely, from any internet enabled device.

Even if you can't get down to the marina, you can check your phone and quickly see whether your boat is still plugged-in, how much electricity is being used, and you can top-up your account so you never get cut-off. You have total remote control, and can even switch the electricity on and off remotely.

Set automated alerts to text your phone if the electricity supply is interrupted, or when your credit runs low. You can even set-up an automatic top-up to keep your account in credit.

If all of this sounds a bit too hands-on, the marina office can help you manage your account.

Watch the films below to learn more about BerthMaster Online.

How to set-up and use BerthMaster Online

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Features and benefits of BerthMaster Online

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