World flags fly in front of three large buoys near a Dean & Reddyhoff marina
11 Apr2019

Important notices for Cowes Harbour

Important information for all Cowes Harbour users

Cowes Harbour Commission has issued new Local Notices to Mariners on the chain ferry, the eastern channel and restricted visibility.

LNTM 10 of 2019 - Eastern Channel

Dredging of the Eastern Channel is now complete. 

The depth of water in the channel is now equal to the height of tide + 2.25m. There is a tide gauge at either end of the channel at the Shrape and in the Fairway.

Please read the LNTM number 10 for full details of the buoyage and important information about cross currents.

LNTM 11 of 2019 - Cowes chain ferry

The chain ferry (floating bridge) operates just north of East Cowes Marina. The ferry must be passed en route to and from the marina.

Depth over the chains is equal to the height of tide + 1.5m with the best clearance in the centre of the channel.

  • The chain ferry has right of way
  • Be aware of strong tidal flows
  • Be prepared to give way
  • When the yellow lights are flashing, the ferry is moving or about to move and you must give way

Please read the LNTM number 11 for full details.

LNTM 12 of 2019 - Restricted visibility

All vessels, in particular, recreational vessels, are advised not to depart their berth if visibility is two cables (0.2NM or 370m) or less.

Please read the LNTM number 12 for advice and further details.

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