13 Oct2017

Gold for Haslar’s gardens

Dave Hill wins Gosport in Bloom

Dave Hill wins Gosport in Bloom

Dave grows gold

Dean & Reddyhoff's resident gardener, Dave Hill, won the Best Business category of the 2017 Gosport and Lee on Solent in Bloom competition for the planting at Haslar Marina.

Dave's gardening style is appreciated by colleagues and customers, and has now been recognised by the competition's judges. Dave likes to create naturalistic and eye-catching displays without resorting to annuals and bedding plants - planting that stands-up to salty winds and occasional abuse from passers-by.

As well as looking after Haslar's planting, Dave has recently created a popular garden at Weymouth Marina, tends the extensive grounds at Portland and has started on planting at Deacons Marina. We're extremely proud of Dave, and of the lovely environment around our marinas that he has created.

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