24 Jul2018

Athay Gallery at Portland Marina

Art and sculpture at Portland Marina

Athay Gallery has opened its doors to promote the abundant creative artists of Dorset and the UK, with a new gallery in Unit 21 at Portland Marina, above Taylor's MessDeck cafe and Why Boats brokerage. 

Kitt is a UK and International-selling artist and has established his name as a vintage collage mixed media seascape and abstract artist worldwide. He understands fully the difficulties that artists face in order for their art to be recognized and appreciated. "There are an extraordinary number of artists in the UK and not enough galleries to support all of them. Art is subjective but every painting, sculpture and photograph has a place in this world and an importance to the development and continuation of art."

Kitt's partner Alexandra explains "Portland and Dorset not only has a diverse range of creative artists and sculptors. it also has a truly unique stunning landscape which is rich in texture, colour and form. An artists haven for inspiration. We wanted to capture this extraordinary unique collection of art and the essence of the island in one central location on Portland. Visitors are definitely in for a treat as the views from the gallery alone are stunning not to mention the artwork too!. We encourage artists of all mediums to contact us as we have additional opportunity to promote artwork both in and outside the gallery venue. We are very proud indeed of all the artists making their way through daily obstacles especially in times of austerity. Brexit is not going to affect people's appreciation of art!"

Kitt says, "Portland is my most favourite place on the planet. There aren't many places left in this world where you can truly get some peace and quiet! Explore, encompass and create on this wonderful island".

The gallery has specifically chosen a collection of artists' work for its opening date to appeal to a wide range of people and their budgets. We also offer affordable ways to help art enthusiasts buy our artists works. Affordable art is key to the gallery's success. Art is for everyone, after all.

Without art, what else do we have...with art, what else do we need!

Keith Kitt Athay painting A Sailor's Retreat
Keith Kitt Athay painting Harbour Bay
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