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We've been around for a fair few years - bet you've visited our marinas without even realising it!

When you relax on your boat after a good day’s sail, you might reflect on the highs and lows of the day, or you may go back in time and wonder how your marina was first created.

John Dean and Richard Reddyhoff have been busy building marinas for years – through Dean and Dyball Ltd, they started in 1980 with Shamrock Quay in Southampton, did quite a bit at Ocean Village in Southampton, built a Marina Village at Hythe in the New Forest in 1985, built two marinas in Plymouth, and a large boatyard up the River Dart.

They started Dean & Reddyhoff Ltd and built Haslar in 1994, then built Weymouth Marina, rebuilt East Cowes Marina, and, in 2008, started building Portland Marina which was fast-tracked for the Olympics in 2012. Portland Marina is not yet finished – there are more pontoons to go in and there is a dry-stack to be built for the growing sportsboat/ fishing boat market – these are all works-in-progress.

The fun bit is getting great big noisy machines in to dig out muds or build giant breakwaters, but there are tedious bits that have to be done first like gaining planning permissions, sorting legal agreements, borrowing handfuls of cash from bankers and paying back those loans on time – all achieved as predicted, we have the original fag packets to prove it.

For the future, who knows? Certainly the enthusiasm is there in spades, so maybe we’ll see those big noisy machines again….

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